benefits of netsuite

Benefits Of Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite offers untold benefits to all organisations. This versatile platform grows and adapts to ever-changing business needs, from small start-ups to vast enterprise empires. Unlock business potential by harnessing the advantages of this cloud-based service.

Integration & Collaboration

Oracle NetSuite offers streamlined business-to-business and business-to-client collaboration. This functionality offers easy integration of third-party systems, ensuring seamless communication and business process across multiple organisations.

NetSuite supports multiple other platforms, including SalesForce, HubSpot, Shopify, and Amazon. This means there is no need to switch platforms already in use when adopting Oracle NetSuite. Platforms already in use in the organisation can be integrated into the platform, maintaining finances, human resources, and other departments as they are until they, too, are ready to adopt the new platform.


Endless customisation ensures that Oracle NetSuite meets changing business needs, regardless of the organisation’s life phase. This user-driven flexibility translates into infinite scalability as the business grows, eliminating the need to migrate between platforms with changing business size.

Oracle NetSuite’s flexibility also includes multilingual functionality, allowing for international customisation and collaboration, both internally and externally. An international organisation’s entire team and subsidiaries can use this platform in their language and on their terms. This is a truly revolutionary ERP system.

Efficient Centralisation

Oracle NetSuite enables the centralisation of core business processes and large-scale automation of routine tasks. This centralisation eliminates duplication of tasks and personnel and saves time, thus cutting costs without compromising quality. It also provides a big-picture view of the entire organisation and its functionalities on one screen. This level of centralised oversight allows for efficient management and optimisation on all levels and across multiple departments.

Customisable dashboards allow users to see relevant information instantly, knowing what should be optimised and what’s working well. This functionality unlocks business growth and potential.

Linked’s team of superheroes are well-versed in the business potential unlocked by adopting Oracle NetSuite. Contact a superhero today for more information on how this contributes to business growth.


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