Level up your warehousing and manufacturing processes

Execute manufacturing seamlessly and reduce manual processes by collecting and digitizing manufacturing data. Our services enable you to manage your inventory effectively in real-time whether it is outside or inside the four walls of your warehouse.

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Designed for manufacturers

DSI’s Cloud Inventory Solution provisions for manufacturing support within the plant to give you visibility of the entire production process i.e. from raw materials to finished product. The solution enables the following functionalities and capabilities; kitting, WIP management, work order management, component picking and assembly build.

Ensure flexibility and agility

Each business is unique and DSI’s leading software solutions provide you with power and agility to ensure that your business reaches its full potential.

Built on Best practices

  • Standardized mobile applications enable a quick launch.
  • Global warehouse management standards.
  • Achieve operational excellence.
    Built for small, mid-market and fast growing companies.

Real time access to inventory information

  • Full warehouse management functions
  • Automate warehouse processes, resulting in improved productivity, lower costs, increased inventory accuracy and better customer service
  • Provide controlled access for end-to-end supply chain visibility to other business process owners, customers and trading partners by leveraging a cloud-based solution
  • Gain real-time access and insight into inventory information, including remote, satellite and in-transit locations

End-to-end tracking of inventory

  • Many businesses face challenges in tracking inventory and data collection due to paper- based, manual intensive processes and legacy systems. The modern warehouse in the digital age is not confined by four walls, DSI’s modern solutions are designed to help you move beyond traditional warehouse invest in a cloud- based digital-platform that allows your business to leverage mobile warehouse management applications. DSI’s cloud-based digital warehouse management platform gives organisations the much needed tools to view and manage inventory as it goes through the entire supply chain.

Warehouse management features

  • Cloud-based warehouse management
  • Rapid development and deployment
  • Configurable logic builder works with your business processes
  • Real-time inventory visibility from supplier to customer
  • Multi-location support

Increase productivity, compliance, inventory optimization, and revenue generation.