Maximize on your service business with LinkedERP’s Professional Services Automation

Control and manage the complete Bid-to-Bill process of your service business with NetSuite’s industry leading Professional Services Automation solutions. It is designed from the ground up to cater to the needs of your growing business.

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Project Management

Project managers and team members can work in collaboration on projects and keep current and accurate progress of projects using our project management software.

Resource Management

Project managers can use our resource management software to ensure that qualified resources are working on the right projects.

Project Accounting

Ensure accurate accounting and billing throughout each project’s lifecycle.


Billing and Invoicing Management automates one-off invoices as well as complex recurring, time- and project-based billing.

Easy project management and tracking

Ultimate benefits for your business

  • Give real-time visibility into your services business’s performance and turnover.
  • Improves on-time project delivery and drives project completion rate.
  • Provides your services team with mobile access to time and expense management.
  • Reduces hardware maintenance costs and upgrade hassles with cloud-based delivery.