View your entire inventory at a glance

One of the biggest challenges that companies face with operations in the field is the visibility of inventory and high-value assets. Real-time visibility is important to efficiently respond to the unexpected. Linked’s Field Inventory Solution provides your company with the necessary chain of custody so that you know exactly where your inventory is at in real-time.

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Hassle free online or offline inventory access

  • Our software enables users to quickly set up multi-locations to track inventory in the field.
  • Your team can easily capture necessary data that ensures inventory visibility on our mobile-first software.
  • You are given accurate visibility info on which resources are not being used or needed so that they can be redistributed quickly and efficiently.

Employees have the tools to ensure a positive client experience

  • Your inventory is the most expensive part of your business. You need to account for not just the purchasing costs, but any costs associated to handling, storage, and insurance. It is important to have the right amount of stock to mitigate damage or theft.
  • Accurate, real-time visibility into inventory enables your workers to be agile and responsive to customers, making your company more efficient and giving you a competitive edge.

Immediate solutions to mobile inventory management issues

  • Your business needs to keep track of the dynamic business landscape in order to function optimally. Our Field Inventory solution ensures a rapid response to the fast-changing industry and for you to meet your business needs.

What sets us apart

  • Mobile-first designs which provide real-time online and offline updates.
  • Easier implementation, cutting back on wasted time
  • Multi-lingual software, allowing you to change the language according to your preference.

Easily Access Real-Time Inventory Information, On or Offline