Being a certified NetSuite partner our comprehensive cloud-ready business management solutions will give your business a competitive edge in this digital economy. Our cost-effective services encompass industry-specific support for all business processes.

Over and above best-in-class ERP implementation services we provide barcoding/RFID, shop floor and inventory management solutions to eliminate paper-based processes and manual data entry. Optimize your business’s manufacturing visibility and working capital to streamline operations.

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Cost-effective, digital supply chain optimization and warehouse management solutions for all industries


One of the biggest challenges new ventures face is limited infrastructure, which could result in missing out on opportunities that could see the growth of your business. Linked provides you with with industry leading cloud software and business management solutions to scale and support your growth in a modular way that is rapid and providing the agility required.


  • Fast Delivery: Rapid implementation gets you up and running quickly.
  • Proven Success: Built with best practices to ensure success from the beginning.
  • Customization: Industry-specific functionality with built-in business process flows, value-driven dashboards and KPIs tailored to your industry.
  • Cost Effective: Cloud delivery eliminates on-premises IT costs and provides automatic updates, so your software is always current.
  • Flexible: Across every industry, in every part of the world, Linked allows your team to stay agile and flexible.
  • Scalable: One unified cloud business management system—encompassing ERP/ financials, CRM and e-commerce—that grows with you at every stage.
  • Trusted: Designed with foremost practices and years of experience in cloud ERP implementations, NetSuite is the preferred cloud ERP software for start-ups.