Comprehensive mobile-first and cloud-ready solutions in a digital economy to give your business a competitive edge

By introducing a combination of interlinked apps, Linked services can help you address specific needs, including inventory management, order management, manufacturing execution, asset management, workforce management and field services. Furthermore, you can collect data and deliver and route sale.

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If collecting, analysing and distributing supply chain information is essential for your business, you are in the right place. Our services can help you manage inventory levels, enhance supply chain responsiveness, improve customer satisfaction, and increases warehouse efficiency.


If you don’t have a Warehouse Management System connected to your ERP software platform, you could be leaving money on the table.


It can be challenging to meet the demands of today’s market for wholesale distribution companies that traditionally have been operating on multiple disconnected systems. We can give you the edge you need.


If your business depends heavily on the reliability and productivity of costly assets for successful business operations, our services can help to manage and maintain your assets, maximize asset utilization with real-time information to reduce asset risks, and proactively solve performance issues.


Effectively controlling costs across exploration, construction and operation all the way through to retirement is a challenge, but one that needs to be met to remain competitive and profitable.


Accessing accurate information  in real time is the key to successfully managing your inventory. Health and beauty companies need lot-controlled inventory tracking, and automated manual processes in the warehouse and retail store. This way you can ensure your team has up-to-date information available to them at all times.


Collaborate across your organization and with outside partners with ease. Gain a comprehensive view of all related end dependant activities and maximize project visibility, communication, and information sharing with us. You are also able to manage project delivery  and control project and service costs.


Companies in the services industry or retail are facing new challenges in today’s market and must look ahead if they are to remain competitive. Exceptional service requires the integration of ERP, POS and e-commerce, with a better understanding of how to track your customers and competitors through analytics. We help make that a reality.