Inventory management for mining

Cloud-based Solution for Mining Inventory Optimisation

Inventory management in the mining industry is complex and fraught with challenges. The disconnected nature of many mining facilities exacerbates these challenges, making real-time inventory tracking near impossible. Linked’s experienced team understands these challenges and offers an innovative solution.

Challenges of Mining Inventory Management

Mining activities typically occur in an inherently disconnected environment. Here, inventory tracking is fraught with challenges, where inventory, stock, and equipment often “go dark” at critical junctions in the supply chain. The prevalence of paper-based inventory systems further exacerbates these challenges, adding human error and countless hours spent in manual data capture to the equation.

Inventory tracking is often paper-based, requiring many hours of manual data entry. Human error is rife, and stock, equipment, and assets “go dark” in several key areas of the supply chain. This non-synchronous system leads to counterproductive business decisions and hampers planning, both essential to operational success.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Inventory Management

Implementing a cloud-based inventory system allows for standardisation across all facilities, ensuring constant stock visibility and improved synchronisation. This situation improves tracking capabilities and planning, which translates into better business decisions.

Cloud-based inventory management also streamlines the process, cutting down on man hours needed for manual data capture and eliminating human error. Having these critical aspects in place enables operational cost optimisation, effectively increasing production and profits.

Linked’s Solution

Linked is proud to introduce Cloud Inventory®, a mobile-first mining inventory management system. This platform enables unprecedented real-time visibility of all stock and assets, even in disconnected environments. It also enables a sufficiently granular understanding of stock and asset flow, ensuring that no stock goes dark, ever.

Effective inventory management increased operation efficiency. This platform is also infinitely adaptable and configurable, ensuring that the unique challenges presented in each use case are effectively resolved.

Cloud Inventory® offers an ideal solution to inventory optimisation challenges faced in the mining industry. Contact Linked’s superheroes today for more information on the benefits and implementation of this cloud-based platform.