Navigating Change with the right NetSuite Partner

Navigating Change with the Right NetSuite Partner

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Change can be daunting, but avoiding necessary adjustments can be even more detrimental. Procrastination often leads to higher costs, wasted time, and increased frustration. This is especially relevant when it comes to managing your NetSuite system and the support you receive for it. If your current NetSuite partner isn’t delivering the results you need, it’s crucial to act promptly.
Failing to address small issues can lead to significant, costly problems down the line.
Today, we’ll guide you through the process of effectively and confidently switching your NetSuite Support partner. If you’re contemplating a change, read on to ensure a smooth transition.
Recognizing the Need for a New NetSuite Partner
Effective NetSuite support is critical for your business operations. If you’re dissatisfied with your current provider, it’s time to explore other options. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Does your current partner lack in-depth industry knowledge?
  • Are you unhappy with their response times?
  • Do they fail to provide proactive advice?
  • Are they constantly pushing for upgrades?
  • Is there a poor cultural fit?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to switch partners.
  • Evaluating New NetSuite Support Partners
  • Once you decide to switch, the next step is to evaluate potential new partners. Don’t terminate your current agreement until you have a new partner ready to onboard.

When assessing NetSuite partners, consider the following:
⦁ Seek Proven Expertise
⦁ Opt for Custom Solutions
⦁ Ensure Effective Communication
⦁ Align with Your Budget

Preparing for the NetSuite Partner Transition

While selecting a new NetSuite partner, you can start preparing for the transition. Your new provider can help, but your team should also take the following steps:

  • Audit Your Current Setup: Understand your NetSuite configuration, customizations, and integrations thoroughly.
  • Update any documentation from your initial setup audit to capture recent changes.
  • Document Processes and Issues: Note any recurring issues and document specific processes for your new partner to be aware of.
  • Communicate Effectively: Inform your team and key stakeholders about the change. Their buy-in is crucial. Also, establish clear expectations and goals with your new partner.
    Managing the Transition

Transitioning to a new NetSuite partner involves several steps. Here are a few key actions:

  • Conduct Knowledge Transfer Sessions
  • Schedule sessions between your team and the new partner to discuss your setup and ongoing projects. Allow the new partner time to review documentation and system configurations beforehand.
  • Implement Transitional Support
  • Arrange for a period where your old partner supports the new partner, ensuring a smooth knowledge transfer.
  • Create a Transition Plan
  • Work with your new partner to create a detailed transition plan, including timelines, responsibilities, and milestones.
  • Ensure Secure Data Handover
  • Ensure all necessary data and documentation are securely transferred to your new partner.
  • Familiarize New Partner with Your Business
  • Help your new partner understand your business processes and how you use NetSuite.
  • Manage Partner of Record TransitionIf you’re changing partners, inquire about their ability to secure a new Partner of Record to manage your NetSuite license. This can streamline vendor management.

Ready to Upgrade Your NetSuite Support?
Switching NetSuite partners is a significant decision. When done for the right reasons and executed well, it can greatly benefit your business. By carefully evaluating potential partners, preparing for the transition, and managing it effectively, you can ensure your NetSuite environment supports your business’s growth.
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