Optimising your orders and sales can save you time and money.

By tying your sales, finance and order fulfilment to pricing, sales order management and returns management, you can accelerate the order-to-cash process, decrease inventory holding costs and enable omni-channel operations.

Deliver orders on time and capture sales orders with a seamless flow of purchase and sales order information. Reverse logistics or returns process and incorporate in-app rebates and promotions.

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Real-time Inventory Information Access

  • Transparency is the key to operating efficiently. Our cloud-based order management inventory solution provides real-time visibility of inventory movement through the supply chain and allows information to be accessed when and where it is needed.

End-to-End Inventory Visibility

  • Leverage the speed and agility of the cloud while maintaining a comprehensive view of inventory, including consignment and vendor management across multiple and disparate ERP and SCM systems.

Order Inventory Features

  • Manage on-hand inventory
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Perform inbound operations, including PO receipt and putaway
  • Perform material movement operations including inventory transfers, adjustments and cycle counting

Seamless flow of purchase and sales order information