98% of accounting and BPO (business process outsourcing) firms are exploring ways to diversify and grow their businesses. According to a recent survey commissioned by Oracle, this can be achieved by incorporating value-added services in addition to the traditional offering. It’s a diversification that suits the industry well, even though it is still largely untapped.

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Partner with LinkedERP to deploy the NetSuite platform, to enable differentiated outsourced services.
We design, deploy, and support all the information system related solutions & services while our partner delivers the business process outsourcing services.

Ideal Partner Profile

  • Partners who act as their clients’ CFO / Financial Director
  • Looking to diversify your service offering beyond bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll
  • Have a proven track record in delivering outsourced services to clients and being a trusted advisor to the business owners
  • Understand the difference between accounting packages and an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Services small to medium sized clients who are handicapped by their limited accounting systems and running their business on excel.
  • Each BPO client has a secure environment and Partners get up to 10 user licenses to deliver the outsourced services.
  • Access to Enterprise grade functionality for managing clients of all sizes and across all industries.
  • Partners can offer BPO services not possible with regular accounting packages, like credit checks, sourcing, approval workflows, landed cost management and many more.
  • Partners focus on delivering BPO services and Linked takes care of the business systems services:
    1. system configuration and empowering you to optimally utilise NetSuite,
    2. maintenance and post go-live support and solution enhancements where required.
  • Focus on running and growing the business, without getting bogged down with back-office or administrative activities,
  • Reduce the dependence on excel or manual activities,
  • Outsource non-core activities while improving the level of control, proficiency, and customer experience,
  • Cloud based platform that can scale as the business expands, open more locations, add subsidiaries, or start handling multiple currencies,
  • Adopt an ERP much earlier in the development cycle avoiding the multiple system migrations that otherwise would have to be endured,
  • No need for re-implementation should ownership of system pass to the client.

Ideal BPO Client Profile

  • Small to medium size business with revenue exceeding R20m p.a. but not exceeding approximately R170m p.a.
  • A growing business that requires more sophisticated systems due to the handling of more volumes or complexities like multi-currencies or landed costs.
  • Outgrown accounting systems and excel,
  • A business with a focus on their core activities and a propensity to outsource non-core activities to a trusted partner.
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