the need for BPO

What is The Need for BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO, is outsourcing aspects of your organisational processes that are functionally necessary but don’t form part of the organisation’s core. The advantages unlocked through BPO are legion and work well for small and large businesses. As experts in the field, Linked extracts the greatest value for client organisations, illustrating the need for BPO.

The economic need for BPO

Business resources are limited, especially in start-ups and small companies. Adopting BPO expands the company’s capabilities by cutting down on operational costs. For instance, outsourcing HR functions means that an organisation only pays for the HR functionality they need instead of having a full-time HR position on the payroll.

Outsourcing allows organisations to pay only for what’s used, so the remainder of their resources are redirected towards business growth. Here, greater funding is available to attract expertise, increase productivity, and streamline business processes. This scenario effectively increases ROI and accelerates business growth.

BPO benefits the customer too.

Strategic outsourcing improves customer experience since all front-office (customer-facing) functionalities are streamlined and optimised. Here, the customer can access dedicated sales teams, or after-sales support to meet their needs. This dedicated approach improves brand perception, leading to an increase in return customers and referrals that translate into sales.

Which business processes can be outsourced?

BPO has become an industry in itself, allowing nearly any business function to be outsourced. Business processes are typically divided into two categories: back-office and front-office.

Back-office functionality supports internal processes and includes human resources, IT, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. Front-office functionalities support customer-oriented aspects, like technical support, sales, and marketing.

BPO fuels business growth, making it necessary in the current competitive business environment. Contact Linked’s team of superheroes today for more information on how BPO facilitates growth in both small businesses and large enterprises.