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The Benefits of the SuiteSucess BPO Program

Finding and implementing effective BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) software packages for accounting can be daunting. It’s often difficult to decipher the benefits of available services and match those with current and future company needs. Linked cuts through the noise by offering Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess, a solution that can grow with ever-changing business needs.

Typical Challenges Of BPO Software Solutions

The variety of challenges companies face when implementing BPO software solutions is legion. Most BPO and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions are not scalable. Organisations must undergo multiple costly and time-consuming migrations as they outgrow one solution and adopt a new one.

Out of the box software solutions are typically too simplistic for most business needs and aren’t sufficiently customisable. At the same time, fully customised and optimised solutions are costly and take months or years to implement.

NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess Offers ERP for Life

Oracle NetSuite circumvents the typical challenges of BPO and ERP solutions through an elegant solution: SuiteSuccess. This software package is completely scalable and customisable but can also be used out of the box.

This translates into immediate implementation, with ongoing customisation to meet the customer’s needs. SuiteSucess grows with the organisation’s needs, eliminating the need for migrations to different packages as the organisation grows. This saves time and money and ensures that the user portal remains familiar to the enduser. The longevity inherent in SuiteSuccess also ensures minimal re-training is necessary since user ability will grow with the system. This truly is ERP for life.

SuiteSuccess is suitable for outsourcing and in-house use. Licenses are transferable, enabling customers to switch between in-house and outsourced solutions.

Linked’s Role In Implementation

Linked offers a complete, start-to-finish solution. The team of experts consults with end-users and handles all support requirements, relieving accounting firms and other consultancies of that burden. This streamlines the process, improving customer experience along with the bottom line.

Let the team of experts help grow small businesses into empires with SuiteSuccess. Contact Linked for more information on its benefits and implementation.