BPO Growth Path

The Benefits of BPO and the Best Package to Use

Finding the most effective accounting software solutions for growing businesses is often difficult. Many accounting solutions often lack enterprise-level functionality, necessitating time-consuming migrations between packages and platforms. In-house personnel sometimes don’t have the skills and experience to find and implement optimal long-term solutions. Circumvent these challenges with the help of Linked by outsourcing business processes.

What is BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves hiring third-party service providers to take care of specific business functions and work processes. These include accounting, payroll, web content, and social media marketing.

Save time and money

Outsourcing specific business processes save time and money. When outsourcing processes, companies only pay for the work done, not the associated administrative activities. BPO also allows access to experienced professionals in various fields without incurring the overhead cost of employing them.

In-house personnel typically have specific strengths, weaknesses, and areas of expertise. Outsourcing circumvents their limitations since the service provider typically employs specialised teams that cover all the fields of expertise needed for a specific task.

Focus on Key Operations

BPO services typically take care of repetitive, monotonous tasks through automation. Relieving in-house staff from these tasks frees time to focus on critical operations requiring human input and higher thinking. This creates greater efficiency within the company, propelling the business forward.

Direct Source of Customer Feedback

BPO professionals typically deal directly with customers, either as a representative of their clients or as third-party vendors. This places them in an ideal position to obtain honest, timely feedback on products and services, which they can then relay to the company. Access to this high-quality feedback enables companies to implement timely improvements and other actions to improve their products and services.

Why Use the NetSuite BPO Service?

Oracle NetSuite’s accounting service is currently the only accounting system that offers enterprise-grade functionality. When adopting this solution, companies eliminate the need for countless data- and service migrations as their business needs grow. This solution is suitable for both small and large organisations. It allows companies to grow into functionality without needing awkward workarounds to “make things work”.

Linked’s team of superheroes have the skills and experience to propel businesses to new heights. Contact a superhero today for more information on how NetSuite ERP solutions can benefit growing businesses.