NetSuite makes supply chain management effortless

NetSuite makes supply chain management effortless

Upgrading an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be a costly process, replacing it even more so. Most businesses find that they are working with outdated ERP systems. Updated systems hold a number of valuable tools and opportunities that should not be missed. As ERP systems adapt to the changes of the world, businesses need to upgrade or replace their systems to keep up.

Before making a change, the current system needs to be evaluated and the necessary steps need to be carefully considered. Oracle NetSuite has provided a guide with all the considerations to take when evaluating, upgrading and replacing outdated ERP systems. This guide provides advice on the value of upgrading ERP systems, the benefits of upgrading vs. replacing software, how to evaluate current ERP systems and when will be the best time to upgrade. Included in this guide is an upgrade checklist to ensure that implementation of a new ERP system is completed successfully. A short summary of this checklist:

Establish a project team.

Involve individuals from all relevant departments to ensure that an accurate estimation is made on whether an ERP system needs to be changed and how it should be changed.

Build business case and gain management approval.

If an upgrade is necessary, document the value your organization can achieve with a new solution and present it to management.

Identify requirements.

Identify what is necessary to achieve value, as documented.

Build and approve implementation plan with realistic project milestones.

Make sure every aspect of the plan is carefully considered to allow for optimal implementation.

Execute together against the plan.

Establish a candid and open relationship in which all parties can express concerns, flag emerging risks and work together toward solutions.

Perform post-mortems and plan next steps:

  • Decide whether to upgrade or replace.
  • Shortlist top providers.
  • Choose a provider.
  • Recruit a full project team and hold a kickoff meeting.

For an in depth look at this process, read the full blog HERE.

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