The benefits of inventory visibility

Inventory Visibility puts Valuable Real-time Data in Reach

Inventory management provides valuable data that grants the ability to make critical business decisions quickly. Cloud Inventory is a provider of inventory management solutions and below is an insight into their inventory visibility solutions. With the visibility created through inventory management, the state, location, and authenticity of all inventory are available at all times.

Inventory management solutions

This is all possible, thanks to inventory management solutions supported by cloud-based software. Inventory visibility puts all the data to accurately assess and manage inventory within the hands of all necessary parties. This information makes it possible to:

  • Plan accordingly for orders that need to be replenished.
  • Ensure accurate inventory quality and quantity, to avoid unnecessary expenditure and multiple transactions.
  • See and react to surplus immediately. Surplus is put in the spotlight, giving full viewing control.
  • Track and trace inventory, so that inventory assumptions are accurate.
  • Have an organized inventory that will save time and money.

Cloud Inventory names the following four pillars of manufacturing success, all of which can be improved through the real-time visibility and control of inventory:


Accurate performance metrics based on real-time data on material consumption and supply availability. This allows the optimization of throughput and production yield, as well as identifying and minimizing waste.


Automating inspections and gaining visibility into safety data and manufacturing standards ensures product compliance and standards. Visibility gives a complete and accurate picture of how manufacturing operations meet compliance standards.

Inventory optimization

Visibility makes it easy to identify potential inefficiencies by providing the exact status and location of inventory, tools, and personnel. This information allows for a quick response to these inefficiencies.

Revenue generation

Accurate visibility and precise inventory control reduce shrinkage and improve production yield through accurate stock availability. This increases efficiency and drives revenue gains.

Learn more about the benefits of real-time inventory visibility, and cloud-based inventory management software, from Cloud Inventory, in the pdf below.

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