Mining, oil and gas industries made simple

Effectively controlling costs across exploration, construction and operation all the way through to retirement is a challenge, but one that needs to be met to remain competitive and profitable.

Underpinning any competitive and reputable mining, gas and oil company is the ability to effectively control financial components and scaling your business.

Hundreds of mining, oil and gas companies use Linked to increase production with powerful demand and resource planning, boost reliability with predictive and condition-based maintenance monitoring, deliver clarity with accurate financial and operational reporting for reconciliation.

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How we can help you

Real-time visibility in your operations

Knowing the right time to invest in new equipment, ship materials and explore the resource fields is critical. To make the right decisions, you need clear visibility of the business and market, as well as accurate demand forecasting.

Constant moving of things in the life-cycle

When operation comes to halt in the mining, oil and gas industry, your business bleeds money. But this can be minimised with effective asset management, provided by our ERP software.

Optimum performance from your team

Mining natural resources is not just about the materials being unearthed – an organisation depends just as much on its people. By creating staff profiles and managing your team, you are able to include award rates, relevant licenses and skills amongst other critical factors, to ensure you have the right people doing the right jobs.

Achieve mining and operational excellence