Efficiently increase production and profitability

A profitable turn-over in construction and engineering depends heavily on efficiency. It requires faultless and effective forecasting to help manage the demand and pricing of materials, finding the balance between full time and contract staff to manage labour costs. If you do not have the right systems in place, you might be leaving money on the table.

Our solutions handle the entire life cycle construction and engineering activities in a simple, spontaneous, and efficient way. From accurate quoting and cost management of contracts to resource management, invoicing, and real-time financial insights. So you can ensure that your projects are being managed efficiently.

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Ensure that you run the most impactful operations

No project is too complex. Our software assists you in managing the most complex of projects – from quotation to job management right through to profit take up.

Be aware of where to act

To manage your projects effectively, you need to know the status of every job at every moment and know where and when to take action to ensure a great outcome. With Linked, managers can have a holistic view of the entire company and projects.

Efficiency and real-time insights are crucial