Cloud ERP Vs Covid 19

How Cloud ERP Helps Businesses to Grow During The Pandemic

The epitome of success in business today is centred around the customer and the technology or tools that you use as a business to create a great customer experience. As a result, businesses achieving or aiming for continued growth are turning to cloud technologies that will scale and adapt to their business and customer needs.

But the fact remains that when growth is a key objective, you cannot let your tools hold you back. Modern technology is a must for businesses that want to remain relevant and valuable to their customers. In response to the pandemic and to unlock a competitive advantage many organisations have embarked on some process of evaluating how well their business enterprise systems enable growth and profitability. A few that have not done this exercise will struggle to keep pace with their peers or competitors.

One of the surprise effects of COVID-19 was the need for businesses to develop, almost overnight, a new remote working model that can still meet customer demand without any disruptions or delays. The fact that so many organisations struggled to do this in a timely and efficient way has brought into sharp focus the benefits of cloud ERP. What was a frictionless extension of current working practices for those operating with flexible, cloud-based ERP solutions, became a major operational issue for businesses using legacy, on-premise systems. A complex and unprecedented situation became even more difficult, at a time when additional challenges were far from welcome.

We are several months into the COVID-19 crisis and although more and more businesses are opening up, things are definitely not business as usual. The pandemic has completely transformed the way we work in the short term with the potential for long-lasting changes.

One would ask what do the changes to the business have to do with cloud ERP? A cloud-based ERP solution can ease the transition from a traditional modus operandi to a modern one, as the economy enters a slow global recovery period, the time is ripe to adopt cloud ERP.

Our Digital Transformation experts have detailed the top seven ways of how cloud ERP capabilities help support more intelligent, growing organisations and why companies need to begin evaluating their need for cloud ERP now rather than later. Please fill out your details below to receive our latest whitepaper.

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