Cloud-inventory For Efficiency

Explore Cloud-based Inventory Capabilities

Cloud Inventory White Paper makes a compelling case for cloud-based inventory. Manufacturers are better equipped to maintain efficient supply chains by introducing a cloud-based technology system. This article explores the capabilities of cloud-based inventory management applications. In the article are the short and long-term benefits it has provided for Womble and Old Dutch, two companies that have successful implemented and run Cloud Inventory.

WOMBLE, the leading provider of specialty pipe coating systems, goes mobile

Bryan Brewer, IT and Operations Manager at WOMBLE Company, said: “Our biggest challenge was inventory accuracy and pinpointing the location of the inventory.”

By enhancing operation efficiency, to cloud-based inventory WOMBLE successfully went mobile with the supply chain operations from an analog to a digital business. This improved customer services because they found a solution to the inventory challenge – allowing WOMBLE to be a mobile company.

OLD DUTCH – Maximising field sales and delivery processes with mobile-first apps

Tom Nollan, IT Director from Old Dutches Foods  said: “Cloud Inventory provides us a single platform to handle all our mobile needs from warehouse operations through direct store delivery.”

Increasing Old Dutch Foods’ ability to get data to the team faster has made the supply chain more efficient and reduced the company’s manual effort. Old Dutch Foods no longer requires costly third-party support from mobile developers to maintain the solution. Using Cloud Inventory, the company has saved on cost in the total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional approaches. Cloud Inventory provides freedom and flexibility to accomplish the day-to-day admin for more efficiency.

Old Dutch Foods started the transformation to a digital supply chain to eliminate bottlenecks for more efficient operations. This increased employee productivity that optimally positions Old Dutch Foods for continued growth.

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