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End-to-end accuracy

With Linked’s warehouse management solutions, you can eliminate stock write-offs, stock taking errors and picking errors. Our warehouse management solutions identify accurate picking and put away assignments, even for remote warehouse locations. Track warehouse labour performance, budget and automated workforce planning to reduce labour costs.


Real time access to inventory information

  • Full warehouse management functions
  • Automate warehouse processes, resulting in improved productivity, lower costs, increased inventory accuracy and better customer service
  • Provide controlled access for end-to-end supply chain visibility to other business process owners, customers and trading partners by leveraging a cloud-based solution
  • Gain real-time access and insight into inventory information, including remote, satellite and in-transit locations

End-to-end tracking of inventory

  • The modern warehouse is not confined to just four walls. Investing in a digital, cloud-based ERP system allows you to leverage mobile warehouse management applications and monitor all warehouse processes, even across remote warehouses.You can have the tools you need to view and manage inventory as it moves through the supply chain.

Warehouse management features

  • Cloud-based warehouse management
  • Rapid development and deployment
  • Configurable logic builder that works with your business processes
  • Real-time inventory visibility from supplier to customer
  • Multi-location support

Reduce errors and manage your warehouse effectively