Increased sale and delivery performance

Retailers need access to accurate, real-time inventory data to be able to make good business decisions. Check inventory availability while in-transit and improve load accuracy. Create and edit sales orders.

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Equip Your Team With Necessary Tools For The Best Customer Experience

  • Our leading software boosts your productivity so ensuring improving overall customer services and boosting turnover. With real-time information, your team can access important information to efficiently meet customers’ needs and increase sales and close business while in the field.

What is achievable with our mobile-first software

  • Increased sale and delivery performance with a reduction in tedious paper-based process, enhanced customer experiences with visibility into inventory, and timely, accurate deliveries with mobile access to customer and order and location information.

Other Delivery and Route Sales Features

  • Create and edit sales orders
  • Add, view, or modify customer account information
  • View current and future routes and track mileage
  • Optimize routes with dynamic route scheduling and dispatch
  • Manage returns and in-store stock
  • View items, descriptions and price
  • Check inventory availability and transfer it between locations

Contactless proof of delivery solutions

  • DSI’s contact-free Proof of Delivery mobile application features GPS and photo capture and remote approvals. These features reduce the need for paper-based processes while providing real-time, end-to-end inventory traceability and accurate delivery information.
  • With on- and offline capabilities, Proof of Delivery has an easy-to-use interface and provides quick access to key information making user adoption fast and easy, with less time spent in training.

Meet customer needs and close business— wherever the route takes you