Bis Industries Automates Workshop With Cloud Inventory

Bis Industries Automates Workshop with Cloud Inventory

Inventory management sits at the heart of many industries. Efficient inventory management eliminates slow, outdated processes. Updating inventory management systems with innovative inventory management solutions is vital to the success of any inventory-reliant industry. Read on to learn how Cloud Inventory updated the inventory management systems of the mining industry.

Bringing inventory management to the future

Many tools have been developed to vastly improve the efficiency of inventory management. With technologies like the internet, businesses need to move fast or they’ll get left behind. They can no longer afford to stick to older technologies and paper-based solutions.

Innovating Inventory management

The Cloud Inventory team shares its experience in innovating the inventory management of the mining company, Bis. Cloud Inventory found that the paper-based systems slowed down the invoicing system which, in turn, caused delayed payments and a further slowdown of the business.

The solution came in the form of an app that allowed for quick updates of the state of inventory that inspectors could access and share with customers easily. By storing information in the cloud, all parties could access it and eliminate the slowdown caused by outdated systems.

The mining industry needs to be able to adapt to the ever-changing demand for mined materials. They need to adapt to these changes quickly and be able to distribute information and coordinate with teams in all stages of the supply chain process. Cloud Inventory solutions are the answer.

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